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Po and tigress love fanfiction

Tigress has almost lost Po more times than she can count, and they have faced terrible and awesome evils together. With Tigress and Po fully realizing their feelings for each-other, both feels like they have wasted too much time. That is where the story starts. The sun's rays gently glistened along the cobblestone road as it whipped and passed houses and shops and market carts.
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Po's True Love, a kung fu panda fanfic | FanFiction

It was the day the dragon warrior and furious five have defeated lord Shen, the kung fu warriors gracefully watched the fireworks light up in the air feeling relieved that everything was finally over, Shen was defeated and everyone made it out alive and unharmed, well sort of… Po was quite sore from catching those fire ball, and Tigress well she was harshly wounded from pushing Po out of the way when he was about to be blasted for the second time. She slowly stood up from where she was sitting and quietly left the group with out a word, Po eyed her a little worried and decided to follow her, he and Tigress had created a strong friendship and it came to the point where they each realized that with just one look they can tell when someone or something was bothering them, and right now Po knew that whatever the case was, Tigress needed her best friend beside her. He followed her past gongmen jail and came near the palace that shen had destroyed when they were captured by the wolves. Po stopped at dead tracks but noticed that Tigress was acting strange… she wasn't walking straight, and she was rather slow for her usual pace… then he saw her press her paw to her stomach and let herself fall on the floor, twitching in pain. Without hesitance Po immediately rushed over to her and kneeled down holding her up in his arms. Po started to freak out. I just want to see what's hurting you so I can help you..
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Chaos thrived in the Valley of Peace. Ke-Pa, a demon who resided in the flesh of a pig, had taken advantage of the death of the Peach Tree and unleashed its might powers across the valley, seeking the Hero's Chi. Or you may know him as Po. Yes, he is a panda but that doesn't mean that he isn't bodaciously awesome!
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Here's a sappy romantic one-shot for you guys about desired love and affection. Wrote this cause I'm a weenie and a furry lover who likes this stuff lol and it seemed like a good idea. It might be the fluffiest thing I'll ever write. In this short, Tigress craves affection from her new boyfriend Po, but the shy panda won't give it to her like she thought he would. The tiger knows he loves her without a doubt, but he avoids her to give her "space," thinking since she was new to love and didn't want to rush things.
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